Man pages for pedrohcgs/kmte
An R Package for Treatment Effects with Censored Outcomes

hcateTests for Homogeneous Conditional Average Treatment Effects
hclateTests for Homogeneous Conditional Local Average Treatment...
kmateKaplan-Meier Average Treatment Effect
kmdteKaplan-Meier Distributional Treatment Effect
kmlateKaplan-Meier Local Average Treatment Effect
kmldteKaplan-Meier Local Distributional Treatment Effect
kmlqteKaplan-Meier Local Quantile Treatment Effect
kmqteKaplan-Meier Quantile Treatment Effect
kmte-packageAn R Package for Treatment Effects with Censored Outcomes.
zcateTests for Zero Conditional Average Treatment Effects
zcdteTests for Zero Conditional Distribution Treatment Effects
zclateTests for Zero Conditional Local Average Treatment Effects
zcldteTests for Zero Conditional Local Distribution Treatment...
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