contraceptives: Oral contraceptive use and breast cancer rates

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This data summarizes counts of a case-control study investigating the link between breast cancer rates and oral contraceptive use, stratified by age group. In toto, 10,890 subjects. See source for details.




A 3-dimensional table.

  1. OC Usage: Subject exposure to oral contraceptives.

  2. Disease Status: Breast cancer present (case) or absent (control).

  3. Age Group: Age group of the subject.


Hennekens, C. H., F. E. Speizer, R. J. Lipnick, B. Rosner, C. Bain, C. Belanger, M. J. Stampfer, W. Willett, and R. Peto. (1984). "A Case-Control Study of Oral Contraceptive Use and Breast Cancer." Journal of the National Cancer Institute 72 (1): 39–42. Table 1.

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