Man pages for pegoraro/qchlorophyll

add_id_pixel_and_groupsAdd id_pixel and kmeans groups from a reference dataframe....
aggregate_statisticsCalculate a series of stastistics on aggregated data
apply_maskApply the mask to the data and remove earth pixels
approximate_NAsImpute NAs using mice.
assign_id_and_meltGiven a list of data loaded using the load_all_as_list()...
assign_id_from_referenceThis function is used to assign an id to the interpolated...
crop_selected_areaThis function is used to crop a selected area from a list of...
export_dataExtract results from the kmeans analysis
extract_date_from_file_nameExtract date from filename
extract_date_from_filepathExtract date from filepath
extract_resultsExtract results from the kmeans analysis
filter_dates_and_get_filenamesFilter a list of dates within a given interval: If the date...
filter_out_naFilter out data with more than n missing periods
filter_single_dateFilter a given date within a given interval: If the date is...
fit_random_forestFit a random forest model
fix_coordinatesCheck existence of a variable inside a given .nc file. If the...
format_lon_latFix latitude and longitude
format_lon_lat_listAlign longitude and latitude values.
get_variable_importanceGet variable importance
interpolate_gridInterpolate a list of dplyr dataframes
interpolate_single_grid_multi_dayInterpolate each data grid. This function interpolates every...
join_dataJoin data together
keep_pixels_with_groupFilter out pixels that have no group assigned
kmeans_analysisRun kmeans analysis
load_all_as_listLoad all .nc files in a given local path
load_all_csvLoad a bunch of csv files into a single list
load_a_single_csvLoad a single .csv file and output a dplyr dataframe
load_maskLoad the mask file as a data frame.
load_nc_fileLoad a single .nc file
load_nc_with_timeLoad .nc files that contain a time variable.
load_variable_from_ncExtract a single variable from a .nc file
make_pathMake path function
multiplotFit multiple plots in a single plot
new_xExample of reference dataframe for interpolation and join.
partial_dependence_plotPartial dependence plot
plot_density_imputed_naPlot the density of imputed NAs vs actual data
plot_error_vs_treesPlot model error vs number of trees
plot_resultsPlot results.
ppdplotPlot partial dependence plots. A revised version of the...
predictive_mapPlot predictive map
recover_nc_dataLoad nc files to be resized. Subfunction
reshape_dataReshape the raw data and output into a dplyr dataframe.
reshape_statisticsReshape a list of dataframes from wide to long
reshape_stats_dfReshape a single dataframe (from wide to long)
resize_maskResize the mask
select_filenames_by_dateThis function basically handles how to proceed when selecting...
select_files_by_yearSelect files to load from a given range of years.
shift_lon_latShift lon and lat
single_partial_dependence_plotPlot a single partial dependence plot
standardize_dataStandardize data before running kmeans
variable_importance_plotPlot variable importance
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