Man pages for peichins/datatrack
Manage Metadata Describing Dependencies Between Data Files

AddCsvColToMetaUpdates meta csv column
ClearAccessLogClear the datatrack access log
ExampleAExample A
ExampleA1Creates a few example data objects with some dependencies...
ExampleA2Example showing attempting some incompatible dependencies
ExampleA3Example showing reading data without specifying name
ExampleA4Example showing reading data with specifying a name
ExampleA5Example showing reading data specifying 2 names
ExampleA6Example showing saving non-csv data
ExampleA7Example showing saving with annotations
ExampleBExample B
FixMetaFix the structure of the metadata dataframe
GetChecksumCompute a Checksum of the Metadata
GetMetaReturns the metadata row for the given name/version pair
InspectorDisplay the visual datatrack inspector
ReadDataobjectRead a Dataobject of a Given Name
ReadMetaReads the csv of metadata from disk
ReadOutputLegacy Wrapper for ReadDataobject
SetConfigsets the config values and saves the config file
SetConfigFileSets the path to the config json file
WriteDataobjectWrite a Dataobject to the Datatrack Project
WriteOutputLegacy Wrapper for WriteDataobject
WriteStructuredDataobjectWrite a Dataobject to the Datatrack Project
WriteStructuredOutputLegacy Wrapper for WriteStructuredDataobject
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