Man pages for pentalibra/braid
A report writing system that creates and compiles LaTEX and pdf output

as.braidCreates object of class braid.
braidAppendPlotAppends braid plot.
braidAppendTextAppends braid text.
braidCompileCompiles braid latex file to PDF.
braidFilenameGenerates filename to use when saving plots.
braidHeadingCreates braid heading in latex format and writes results to...
braidIncCounterUpdates braid counter.
braidLatexOutlineCreates latex outline file
braid-packageA report writing system to create latex output from R.
braidPlotSaves braid plot to pdf.
braidSaveWrites result to braid output file.
braidWriteAppends text to braid output file.
is.braidTests that object is of class braid.
latexTranslatePrints a string to Latex, dealing with special characters.
newAppenderCreates a closure for the temporary storage of braidWrite...
newCounterCreates a counter.
newPlotAppenderCreates a closure for the temporary storage of braidPlot...
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