Man pages for peteraharrison/PUCA
Provenancing Using Climate Analogues

cressyCollectClimatically matched sites to the Cressy revegetation site
dd2utmDecimal degrees to Universal Transverse Mercator
drawBufferDraw a buffer around a point
drawRegionDraw a region around a point
geoCodeGeoreference a set of coordinates
geoDistStraight-line distance between two sets of coordinates
georefPointsGeoreference a set of coordinates from 'seedSource'
getSpecies2A wrapper function to download and plot a species...
LC_tasLand cover classifications for Tasmania
modisGridMODIS grid tiles
plotMyRegionWrapper function to plot the distribution of a species
PUCA-packageProvenancing Using Climate Analogues
reqLibsDownload/load libraries
rossCollectClimatically matched sites to the Ross revegetation site
seedSourceFind provenances using climate analoges
seedSource_GUIGraphical user interface for 'seedSource'
seqNamesCreate a sequence of names
speciesInPolygonFind what species occur within a polygon
splitMyDirSplit the path of a directory
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