plot_coincidences_from_coincidences: Bubble plot of coincidences on square matrix of potential...

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Low-level plotting function, typically called from a higher-level wrapper function. Example usage: plotting number of co-occurrences of tags on same document. Considering subsets of annotations would then give different interpretations. With a single annotator, this would be co-occurrence within multiple tagging. With two annotators, but one tag per document, this is a measure of pairwise agreement. WIth >2 annotators, but one tag per document, this can be interpreted in terms of agreement at the category level (elaboration required).


plot_coincidences_from_coincidences(coincidences, tagset_sorted)



data.frame containing pairwise_cooccurence_counts


character vector of tag names in the order to be plotted

coincidences must contain columns n, item1, and item2. These are interpreted as the coincidence count of item1 and item2.

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