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Automatically Test R Functions

checkrCheckr is a testing tool for R.
ensureEnsure checks that certain preconditions and postconditions...
force_reload_test_objectsFunction to force reload the test object cache, if needed.
function_nameGet the name from a passed function, which may be a validated...
function_test_objectsCreate the necessary testing objects to quickcheck a...
get_prevalidated_fnGet the pre-validated function that is wrapped in...
grapes-contains-grapesTest if a list contains some elements of the desired class.
grapes-is-grapesTest for class membership
grapes-within-grapesDefine if a number is within a certain range.
installed_dataframesGet all the user-installed dataframes through data()
is.emptyTests whether an object is empty.
is.simple_stringTests whether a string is simple.
is.validated_functionDetermine whether a function is checked with checkr.
list_classesGet all the classes within a list.
package_exports_checkedChecks if all exported functions in the package are checked...
postconditionsGet the stated postconditions of a validated function.
preconditionsGet the stated preconditions of a validated function.
presentTests whether an argument to a function is present.
print_argsPrint function arguments
print.validated_functionPrint validated functions more clearly.
quickcheckQuickcheck a function.
random_matrixGenerate a random matrix.
random_objsGenerate a vector or list of random objects from a particular...
random_simple_stringsGenerate a random simple string (i.e., a length-1 non-empty...
should_be_checkedDetermine whether a function ought to be checked with checkr.
test_objects_Generates random R objects to be put into functions for...
validateValidate checks that certain facts are true.
validate_Validate without NSE.
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