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Make R functions more fun

chunkChunk a list into multiple lists of a specific length.
compactRemove all NAs and NULLs from a list.
decDecrement a number by one.
divDetermine if a dividend is evenly divisible by a divisor.
fandcomposeCompose two binary functions using and.
filterReturn only the values of a list that meet a certain...
filtermapFilter a list to certain elements, apply a function to those...
findReturns the first value of a list that meets a predicate.
flatmapApply a map and then flatten the result.
flattenTake a list of lists and return a list.
fnA shorthand for writing out R functions.
forcomposeCompose two binary functions using or.
grapes-a-grapesIn-place assignment, allowing for multiple values.
grapes-colon-greater-than-grapesInfix operator for filter.
grapes-colon-slash-greater-than-grapesInfix operator for filtermap
grapes-equals-equals-grapesDetermine whether two objects are identical.
grapes-equals-grapesIn-place subtraction.
grapes-f-slash-greater-than-grapesInfix operator for flatmap.
grapes-_-greater-than-grapesInfix operator for reduce.
grapes-less-than-grapesInfix operator for appending to a list.
grapes-less-than-less-than-grapesInfix operator for in-place appending to list.
grapes-or-grapesCompose on NA, NULL, or lenth-0 (empty) values.
grapes-plus-equals-grapesIn-place addition
grapes-slash-equals-grapesIn-place division.
grapes-_-slash-greater-than-grapesInfix operator for reducemap.
grapes-slash-greater-than-grapesInfix operator for map.
grapes-slash-slash-greater-than-grapesInfix operator for innermap.
grapes-slash-slash-slash-greater-than-grapesInfix operator for innerinnermap.
grapes-times-equals-grapesIn-place multiplication
grapes-v-greater-than-grapesInfix operator for unlisting a list prior to applying a...
grepvFind all the matches of a pattern within a string.
incIncrement a number by one.
innerinnermapIterate a function over each subsublist in a list of list of...
innermapIterate a function over each sublist in a list of lists.
is_evenDetermine whether a number is even.
is_falseDetermine whether an object is FALSE.
is_lowerDetermine whether a character is lowercase.
is_oddDetermine whether a number is odd.
is_trueDetermine whether an object is TRUE.
is_upperDetermine whether a character is uppercase.
joinJoin a list of strings together into one string.
lsplitSplit a string into a list by letters.
lzipZip two lists together into a list of lists containing each...
mapIterate a function over a list.
merge.listMerge two lists together.
namedDetermine whether a list is named.
nfilterReturn only the values of a list where the names of that list...
nmapIterate a function over the names of a list.
partitionParitition a list into two lists based on the reuslts of a...
positionReturns the position of the first value of a list that meets...
reduceRecursively recombine values of a list.
reducemapReduce each sublist in a list of lists.
sort_keysSort a list by the names of that list.
symdiffSymmetric difference Find all the elements that are not in...
threadThread a function through a list, iterating on an element and...
thread2Thread a function through a list, iterating on an element and...
thread_whileContinue appending to a list while the functional is true,...
unnamedDetermine whether a list is unnamed.
unnestTurn a list of lists into a list.
vmapIterate a function over the values of a list.
vzipZip two lists together into tuple vectors.
wsplitSplit a string into a list by words.
zip_withZip two lists together by a specific function.
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