Man pages for petermeissner/diffrprojects
Projects for Text Version Comparison and Analytics in R

alignment_data_to_data_frametransform alignment_data list into data.frame method for for named lists of data.frames method for for named lists of data.frames method for for named lists of data.frames
bind_betweenfunction forcing value to fall between min and max
choose_options(choose from a number of pre-sorted options) takes a vector...
classesfunction to get classes from e.g. lists
diff_alignalgining texts
diffrprojectclass for diffrproject
dim1get first dimension or length of object
dim2get first dimension or length of object
dist_mat_absolute(function to calculate distance matrix of integers) takes...
dp_alignclass for dp_align
dp_arrangefunction to sort df by variables
dp_baseclass for dp_base
dp_exportR6 class - linking text and data
dp_inheritclass for dp_inherit
dp_loadsaveclass for dp_base
dp_text_base_datafunction providing basic information on texts within...
get_list_itemextract specific item from each list element
get_privateaccessing private from R6 object
get_vector_elementfunction that extracts elements from vector
is_betweenfunction that checks is values are in between values
is_duplicatechecking if value is duplicated in set
is_minimumwhich are minima in vector
is_uniquechecking if value is uniqe in set
modusfunction giving back the mode
push_text_char_datapush char_data of one rtext objet to another
rbind_fillfunction for binding data.frames even if names do not match
rbind_listfunction rbinding list elements
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rtext_char_data_to_data_frametransform rtext text data into a data.frame
seq_dim1seq along first dimension / length
shiftfunction that shifts vector values to right or left
sort_alignmentfunction sorting alignment data according to token index
text_add_workerfunction adding rtext objects to diffrprojects
text_version_1text_version_1 a first version of a text
text_version_2text_version_2 a second version of a text
which_dist_min_absolute(function to calculate minimum and position of minimum) takes...
write_numerous_parts_to_tablefunction writing numerous parts of table to database
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