Man pages for petermeissner/dip21
R binding to DIP21 at

bcontfunction for browsing content
cachecache to store stuff in
dip21_detailsfunction giving back details on a dip21_search request
dip21_searchdoing the search
dip21_search_optionsfunction for getting options
grapes-greater-than-grapespipe operator
init_search_pagegetting search page with session
named_listmake automatically named list
npages_search_resultsfunction extracting number of search result hit pages
n_search_resultsfunction extractiong number of search result hits
page_search_resultsfunction extracting current number of search result hit page
parse_and_fill_formparsing, filling out and sending form
submit_requestalternative submit_request to rvest's original submit request
trefferlistefunction for getting trefferliste from
vorgangstypenfunction returning options for tpe of proceeding
wahlperiodenfunction returning options for legislative terms
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