Man pages for petermeissner/wikipediatrend
Public Subject Attention via Wikipedia Page View Statistics

plot.wp_dfsimple plot function for objects of class wp_df
print.wp_dfa wikipediastrend specific data frame
wp_check_date_inputsHelper function for 'wp_trend()'
wp_check_page_inputcheck page input
wp_datePackage specific 'as.Date()' function
wp_dayFunction to extract the day
wp_get_datafunction for getting data (download + extraction)
wp_linked_pagesfunction looking for other languages of a page
wp_monthFunction to extract the month
wp_prepare_date_for_pageviewsfunction to prepare date for execution of pageviews request
wp_trendFunction for getting access statistics for wikipedia pages
wp_wdayFunction to extract the day of the week
wp_yearFunction to extract the year
wp_yearmonthfunction for getting year and month of a timestamp
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