Man pages for petrbouchal/pbtools
Various reusable bits of code

connectAccess64Connect to Access DB using RODBC, for 64bit windows
ifgbasecoloursColour set for theme - IfG corporate colours - 7 base colours...
ifgcoloursColour set for theme - IfG corporate colours - 4 tints of 7...
knit2byrokratesRmd to Byrokrates
loadcustomthemesLoad custom theme
loadfontspbLoad fonts independently of platform
renamevarsRename multiple variables in a df
rgb2colConvert RGB to hex
savefilewithdateSave file with timestamp, with option for time-stamped
saveplotSave plot with ggsave
themebasecoloursColour set for theme - default ugly colours (6 base colours...
themecoloursColour set for theme - 4 tints of 6 colours
timestampedfilenameFile name with timestamp
timestampedfolderFolder name with timestamp
tintshadeProduce tints and shades for a set of colours
whatplatformReturn the name of the current platform
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