Man pages for pezzacolori/boris-r-misc
Boris' miscellanea

accuracy_glm_crossAccuracy function to evaluate a gml model for training and...
accuracy_glm_simpleAccuracy function to evaluate a glm model
accuracy_me_crossAccuracy function to evaluate a maxent model for training and...
accuracy_me_simpleAccuracy function to evaluate a maxent model
accuracy_simpleAccuracy function to evaluate a presence/absence/background...
bkrBackground proportion
bkr_for_tprBackground portion for a given true positive rate
calcAreaArea under a curve
calcAreaLimArea under a curve
cor2dfVariable pairs correlated above a threshold
cor2df_fireCorrelations above a threshold, showing aicc's of a logistic...
cordfCorrelations above a threshold
dep_varsDependent variable
evaltextConcatenate and evaluate string expressions in a specified...
filenameFilename without extension
fill_1_naFill 1-value gaps in a vector
fill_naFill gaps in a vector
formulaeFormulae from variable combinations
formulae_cleanedFormulae from variable combinations without correlated...
fprFalse positive rate (1- specificity)
fpr_for_tprFalse positive rate for a given true positive rate
getArgsExtract and Load command line arguments into session
glm_pseudoabsenceGLM with pseudoabsences
ind_varsIndependent variable(s)
kfold_seqSequential k-fold partitioning
maxent_formulaMaxent with formula
me_constantsConstants of a maxent model
me_lambdasExtract lambda file values
me_parNumCount the number of Maxent parameters (with lambda!=0)
me_predictPredict new values of a maxent model
mirror_naFill gaps in a dataframe with data from another dataframe
modelsModels from formulae
orderfactorChange levels order
read_fwf_fixedheaderReads a fixed width formatted data with the header in the...
replace_naReplace NA's
resample_meteo_h2dResample a data.frame with meteorological data with hourly...
rescale01Rescale a vector of numbers between 0 and 1
tprTrue positive rate (sensitivity)
vpdVapour pressure deficit
without_naRemove NA's
yearplotsMultiple plots of daily data over years
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