Man pages for phiala/grassR
Functions for use with GRASS GIS

createTilesDivide a raster into tiles.
gparseExample function for tileset processing.
grassR-packageUtility and tileset functions for GRASS.
mapsetChange GRASS mapset.
mergeTilesCombine tiles into a full raster.
processTilesProcess a set of GRASS tiles in R.
removeTilesRemove intermediate rasters.
rlsList GRASS rasters.
rmvMove a GRASS raster.
rplotGRASS raster plot.
rrmDelete GRASS rasters.
testFUNExample for use with tileProcess()
testFUNRExample for use with tileProcess()
vlsList GRASS vectors.
vmvMove a GRASS vector.
vplotGRASS vector plot.
vrmDelete GRASS vectors.
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