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Graphing Nonlinear Relations Among Latent Variables from Structural Equation Mixture Models


Contains a graphical user interface to generate the diagnostic plots proposed by Bauer (2005) and Pek & Chalmers (2015) to investigate nonlinear latent variable interactions in latent regression models.

Creates plots which accompany Bauers (2005) semiparametric method of modeling Structural Equation Mixture Models (SEMMs) by allowing researchers to visualize potential nonlinear relationships between a latent predictor and outcome. Additionally, a graphical user interface (GUI) is available for interactive use and is found in the function plotSEMM_GUI.


Bethany Kok and Phil Chalmers [email protected]


Pek, J. & Chalmers, R. P. (2015). Diagnosing Nonlinearity With Confidence Envelopes for a Semiparametric Approach to Modeling Bivariate Nonlinear Relations Among Latent Variables. Structural Equation Modeling, 22, 288-293. doi: 10.1080/10705511.2014.937790

Pek, J., Chalmers, R. P., Kok B. E., & Losardo, D. (2015). Visualizing Confidence Bands for Semiparametrically Estimated Nonlinear Relations among Latent Variables. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 40, 402-423. doi: 10.3102/1076998615589129

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