Man pages for philipmgoddard/nnePtR
Neural Network Classifier

failwithFunction operator to catch exceptions for optimisation when...
forwardPropogateforwardPropogate performs a forward propogation through the...
getParamsSet the generic for accessor (getter) for fitted coefficients
initialize-nnePtR-methodInitializor to catch input errors
nnePtR-classS4 class definition for a neural network
nnetBuildConstructor for nnePtR
nnetTrainSetupnnetTrainSetup returns a list of templates for use by forward...
predict-nnePtR-methodPredict generic
rollParamsRoll a vector of parameters into a list of matrices defined...
show-nnePtR-methodShow generic
sigmoidSigmoid function
sigmoidGradientSigmoid gradient function
splitfnSplit function. As gradient and cost both calculated in...
summary-nnePtR-methodSummary generic
unrollParamsUnroll a list of matrices into a single vector
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