Man pages for philippstats/RRmisc
Roesch's Miscellaneous R Functions

convertCharacterToFactorConvert character features to factor features in data.frames
countTaskClassCharacteristicsCount number of factor levels for all variables, returns 0...
createBaselearners2Create Base Learners 2
createBaselearners3Create Base Learners 2
createBaselearners4Create Base Learners 2
createBaselearners4bCreate Base Learners 2
createBoxplotMTMT: Create Boxplots with scaling or cutting of y axis...
createMM2MT: Make Model ultiplexer Setting
createMM3MT: Make Model ultiplexer Setting
createMM4MT: Make Model ultiplexer Setting
createMM4bMT: Make Model ultiplexer Setting
createMMPS2MT: Make Model Multiplexer Param Set Setting
createMMPS3MT: Make Model Multiplexer Param Set Setting
createMMPS4MT: Make Model Multiplexer Param Set Setting
createMMPS4bMT: Make Model Multiplexer Param Set Setting
getIdxget Index
htPrint head and tail
listheadHead of data.fames in list
motiMoti function
MTaddUniqueNameMaster's Thesis: Add unique name to experiment result
MTcreateBaselearnersCreate Base Learners
MTcreateMMMT: Make Model ultiplexer Setting
MTcreateMMPSMT: Make Model Multiplexer Param Set Setting
MTcreateTasksListMT Create Tasks List
MTextractClassifTaskInfoExtract ClassifTask Info
objectsizeObject size in MB
pasteSuppressNAPaste function suppressing NAs
removeFactorFeaturesRemove Features from Task which have too man factor levels
saveTracebackSave traceback() as list
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