A Spatial Microsimulation Analysis of Health Inequalities and Health Resilience

This is the public repository of my thesis. The published thesis can be downloaded from the White Rose Ethesis Repository, see

The repository is laid out much like an R package, with the following 'extras':


As much as I've tried to make my thesis completely reproducible, there are unfortunately some data sources whose licenses mean I cannot include them so you need to download them manually. These are:

  1. Download Understanding Society. Specifically you will need SN 6614: Waves 1-7, 2009-2016 and Harmonised BHPS: Waves 1-18, 1991-2009. Copy this (but do not unzip!) to inst/extdata/
  2. Download OS's strategi vector map. You will need to sign up and you will receive an email with a download link. Place the downloaded archive in inst/extdata/
  3. Download OS's Open Greenspace full GB file and place in inst/extdata/
  4. You may need to download the full CQC data set as sometimes archive versions are removed. If this is the case:

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