Man pages for philstraforelli/ggsigmark
An Implementation of Grammar of Graphics to Denote Statistically Significant Differences

freq_pair_wtd_t_testFrequentist Test Comparisons Between Weighted Means
freq_prop_testFrequentist Test Comparisons Between Proportions
freq_t_testFrequentist Test Comparisons Between Means
geom_sigmarkSignificance Markers for ggplot2
geom_sigmark_interactiveSignificance Markers for ggplot2
geom_sigmark_totalSignificance Markers for ggplot2
geom_sigmark_total_interactiveSignificance Markers for ggplot2
geom_sigmark_wavesSignificance Markers for ggplot2
geom_sigmark_waves_interactiveSignificance Markers for ggplot2
ggsigmarkggsigmark: An Implementation of Grammar of Graphics to Denote...
gss_dataGeneral Social Survey Data
gss_data_questionsGeneral Social Survey Data Questions
tbl_chartTable for ggplot2 Charting
tbl_sigCreate a data frame for geom_sigmark charting
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