Man pages for pierreroudier/specstore
Stores and eases the manipulation of spectra and associated data

addAdds 'Spectra*' objects together
aggregate_spectraAggregates spectral and data information
big.headReturn the First or Last Part of an Object
continuum_removalContinuum removal
dataRetrieves or sets the data slot of a SpectraDataFrame object.
idRetrieves or sets the ids of a 'Spectra*' object.
mutateMutate a Spectra* object by transforming the spectra values,...
plot.SpectraPlots an object inheriting from the Spectra class
separateSeparates a 'SpectraDataFrame' object into a calibration and...
SpectraConstructor for the Spectra class.
Spectra-classesSpectra* classes
SpectraDataFrameConstructor for the SpectraDataFrame class.
spectra-methodsRetrieves or sets the spectra of a 'Spectra*' objects.
splitUtility functions
subsetSubset SpectraDataFrame object
unitsUtility functions
wl-methodsRetrieves or sets the wavelengths of a 'Spectra*' object.
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