Man pages for pierucci/heemod
Markov Models for Health Economic Evaluations

acceptability_curveAcceptability Curve from Probabilistic Analysis
add_hazardsAdd Hazards
apply_afApply an Acceleration Factor
apply_hrApply a Hazard Ratio
apply_orApply an Odds Ratio
apply_shiftApply a time shift to a survival distribution
as_expr_listConvert Lazy Dots to Expression List
calc_prob_from_survCalculate Probability of Event
calc_surv_from_probCalculate Probability of Survival
calibrate_modelCalibrate Model Parameters
check_cycle_inputsCheck Cycle and Time Inputs
check_matrixCheck Markov Model Transition Matrix
check_namesCheck Names
check_statesCheck Model States for Consistency
check_strategy_indexCheck Strategy Index
clean_factorsConvert Data Frame Factor Variables to Character
clusterRun 'heemod' on a Cluster
combine_modelsCombine Multiple Models
combine_probsCombine Probabilities
compute_countsCompute Count of Individual in Each State per Cycle
compute_icerCompute ICER
compute_survEvaluate Survival Distributions
compute_valuesCompute State Values per Cycle
construct_part_surv_tibconstruct a survival object from tabular specification
create_demographic_tableRead a Demographic Table
create_df_from_tabularLoad Data From a Folder Into an Environment
create_matrix_from_tabularCreate a Transition Matrix From Tabular Input
create_model_from_tabularCreate a 'heemod' Model From Tabular Files Info
create_model_list_from_tabularRead Models Specified by Files
create_options_from_tabularCreate Model Options From a Tabular Input
create_parameters_from_tabularCreate a Parameter Definition From Tabular Input
create_states_from_tabularCreate State Definitions From Tabular Input
define_calibration_fnDefine Calibration Function
define_correlationDefine a Correlation Structure for Probabilistic Uncertainty...
define_dsaDefine a Sensitivity Analysis
define_inflowDefine Inflow for a BIA
define_initDefine Initial Counts
define_parametersDefine Markov Model Parameters
define_part_survDefine Partitioned Survival
define_psaDefine Parameters Distribution for Probabilistic Analysis
define_spline_survivalDefine a Restricted Cubic Spline Survival Distribution
define_starting_valuesDefine Starting State Values
define_stateDefine a Markov Model State
define_state_listDefine Markov Model State List
define_strategyDefine a Markov Model
define_survivalDefine a Survival Distribution
define_surv_tableDefine a survival distribution based on explicit survival...
define_transitionDefine Transition Matrix for Markov Model
discountDiscount a Quantity Over Time
discount_hackHack to Work Around a Discounting Issue
dispatch_strategyDispatch Values According to Strategy
dispatch_strategy_hackHack to Automate Use of Strategy Name
distributionsProbability Density Functions for Probabilistic Uncertainty...
eval_models_from_tabularEvaluate Models From a Tabular Source
eval_parametersEvaluate Markov model parameters
eval_resampleEvaluate Resampling Definition
eval_state_listEvaluate Markov Model States
eval_strategyEvaluate Strategy
eval_strategy_newdataIteratively Evaluate a Markov Model With New Parameter Values
eval_survEvaluate Survival Distributions
eval_transitionEvaluate Markov Model Transition Matrix
expand_if_necessaryExpand States and Transition
expand_stateExpand Time-Dependant States into Tunnel States
export_saviExport PSA Results for SAVI
extract_paramsExtract Evaluated Parameters
extract_strataExtract Product-Limit Tables
extract_stratumExtract Product-Limit Table for a Stratum
file-checkersCheck File Type
filter_blanksRemove Blank Rows From Table
gather_model_infoGather Information for Running a Model From Tabular Data
get_countsGet State Membership Counts
get_frontierReturn Efficiency Frontier
get_matrix_orderReturn Markov Model Transition Matrix Order
get_parameter_namesReturn parameters names
get_state_namesGet State Names
get_state_numberReturn Number of State
get_state_value_namesReturn Names of State Values
get_transitionGet Markov Model Transition Matrix
get_valuesGet Strategy Values
heemodMarkov Models for Health Economic Evaluations
heemod_scaleNormalize Cost and Effect
insertInsert Elements in Vector
interpolateInterpolate Lazy Dots
is.wholenumberCheck Wholenumbers
joinProject Beyond a Survival Distribution with Another
list_all_sameCheck if All the Elements of a List Are the Same
load_surv_modelsLoad a set of survival fits
look_upLook Up Values in a Data Frame
make_namesMake Syntactically Valid Names
mixMix Two or More Survival Distributions
modifyModify Object
parse_multi_specSpecify Inputs for Multiple Models From a Single File
part_survs_from_surv_inputsConvert saved fits to partitioned survival objects
plot.dsaPlot Sensitivity Analysis
plot.psaPlot Results of Probabilistic Analysis
plot.run_modelPlot Results of a Markov Model
plot.surv_objPlot general survival models
plurReturns "s" if x > 1
probabilityConvenience Functions to Compute Probabilities
project_fnProject Beyond a Survival Distribution with Another...
read_fileRead the accepted file formats for tabular input
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reindent_transitionReindent Transition Matrix
rescale_discount_rateRescale Discount Rate
run_bceaUse the BCEA package
run_dsaRun Sensitivity Analysis
run_modelRun Markov Model
run_model_tabularRun Analyses From Files
run_psaRun Probabilistic Uncertainty Analysis
safe_conversionSafely Convert From Characters to Numbers
save_outputsSave Model Outputs
set_covariatesSet Covariates of a Survival Distribution
summary.run_modelSummarise Markov Model Results
summary.surv_shiftSummarize surv_shift objects
update_modelRun Model on New Data
who_mortalityUse WHO Mortality Rate
wtd_summaryWeighted Summary
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