MadRat commons Input Data Library

R package mrcommons, version 1.35.2

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Purpose and Functionality

Provides useful functions and a common structure to all the input data required to run models like MAgPIE and REMIND of model input data.


For installation of the most recent package version an additional repository has to be added in R:

options(repos = c(CRAN = "@CRAN@", pik = ""))

The additional repository can be made available permanently by adding the line above to a file called .Rprofile stored in the home folder of your system (Sys.glob("~") in R returns the home directory).

After that the most recent version of the package can be installed using install.packages:


Package updates can be installed using update.packages (make sure that the additional repository has been added before running that command):


Questions / Problems

In case of questions / problems please contact Jan Philipp Dietrich


To cite package mrcommons in publications use:

Bodirsky B, Karstens K, Baumstark L, Weindl I, Wang X, Mishra A, Wirth S, Stevanovic M, Steinmetz N, Kreidenweis U, Rodrigues R, Popov R, Humpenoeder F, Giannousakis A, Levesque A, Klein D, Araujo E, Beier F, Oeser J, Pehl M, Leip D, Crawford M, Molina Bacca E, von Jeetze P, Martinelli E, Schreyer F, Soergel B, Führlich P, Hötten D, Hasse R, Dietrich J (2023). mrcommons: MadRat commons Input Data Library. doi:10.5281/zenodo.3822009, R package version 1.35.2,

A BibTeX entry for LaTeX users is

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