Man pages for pinskylab/clownfish
Functions for importing and wrangling clownfish project data

anem_divefor a given anemone , returns site, date, divetype
assign_mek_locassign a location on the robot table for a destination or...
change_db_gen_idchange the gen_id field in the database for all samples in a...
change_rowsonce rows have been changed remove them from table and add...
check_id_matchcompare individuals that appear to be genetic mark recaptures
create_genidadd a gen_id to a sample
daterange_divefor a given date range, list all of the dives
fish_anem_divefish_anem_dive grabs this data for fish from the db
get_anemGet anemone data
get_digGet Dig
get_diveGet dive data
get_extrGet Extr
get_fishGet Clownfish data
get_ligGet Lig
heatmapheatmap - plot a plate map with color
lig_from_sampviews all of the fish recaptured at a given site
lig_nglig_ng figure out how many ng to use in making pools for...
make_platemake a plate from a list of sample_ids, extraction_ids, etc.
make_platemapMake Platemap
plate_from_dbplate_from_db recreates the platemap based on well locations...
read_genepopread a genepop generated for ONE population
remove_rowsRemove rows
samp_from_ligfind sample id from ligation id
site_recapsite_recap finds recaptured fish by site
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