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Williams Students Graduating with Latin Honors Statistics

all.ratioProportions of each gender who graduated with Latin Honors
checkSuffixCheck Suffix in Line
cleanDataClean the Data Frame
getHonorNameGet Section Indicated by Latin Honors
isIllegalSuffixCheck Illegal Suffix in Line
ratioGet Proportional Table of Male and Female Students
stat_repShow Statistical Representations
wstudent.eightWilliams class of 2008 information
wstudent.elevenWilliams class of 2011 information
wstudent.fifteenWilliams class of 2015 information
wstudent.fiveWilliams class of 2005 information
wstudent.fourWilliams class of 2004 information
wstudent.fourteenWilliams class of 20014 information
wstudent.nineWilliams class of 2009 information
wstudent.sevenWilliams class of 2007 information
wstudent.sixWilliams class of 2006 information
wstudent.sixteenWilliams class of 2016 information
wstudent.tenWilliams class of 2010 information
wstudent.thirteenWilliams class of 2013 information
wstudent.threeWilliams class of 2003 information
wstudent.twelveWilliams class of 2012 information
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