Man pages for plateforme-stlouis/Ty

chr.ref.NCTable that binds weird Identification to pronounceable name
GetLenghtChrReturn the Length of the chromosome number
GetRandReturn the Data.Frame with Random Chromosome and Position...
GetRefChrReturn the ref|NC_XXXXXX| of any chromosome number
GetSubteloReturn the Data.Frame updated if the position belong to the...
GetTinySampleRandomly select n rows from data.frame
GetWeightRead one file and return the data.frame
Is.InSubteloReturn the boolean of Subtelo region
MergeOnlyMerge only one chromosome from two data.frames (?not useful?)
rBindOnly.SignedBind by row only one chromosome from two data.frames
Ref2StrReturn the chrX of any chromosome reference id...
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