Man pages for platypus1989/PathMatch
Utility Functions for Path Matching

accuracy_rateAccuracy rate.
bearing_change_fix_cppFixing the bearing changes close to 360 or -360.
brake_calcbrake stat calculation R version.
colSdsColumnwise standard deviations.
dist2dDistance from a point to a line linked by two other points.
dist2dCPPDistance from a point to a line linked by two other points...
GeneratePolygonGenerate polypon points for Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm...
LogLossLog loss score for competition.
LogLoss_AnalysisIndividual scores at each record.
number_changeTotal number of number changes in a numeric vector.
prob_to_rankConvert probablities to rank.
prob_to_voteConvert probablities to votes.
RDPRamer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm.
RDPCPPRamer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm C++ version.
rowSdsRowwise standard deviations.
sign_changeTotal number of sign changes in a logical vector.
start_calcstart stat calculation R version.
tele_datasubset of 100 trips of data from driver Alexander.
trip_match_cpptrip match algorithm that calculate matching distances.
trip_match_v1trip matching algorithm R version 1.
trip_match_v2trip matching algorithm R version 2.
trip_match_v3trip matching algorithm R version 3.
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