Man pages for pmcharrison/suffixTree
Timestamped Suffix Trees (TSTs)

add_seqAdd sequence to suffix tree
count_ngramCount n-gram occurrences
demo_suffix_treeRun Shiny demo
get_active_orderGet active order
get_num_childrenGet number of children
is.tstIs it a TST?
new_treeCreate new suffix tree
num_observedNumber of observed symbols
reset_active_nodesReset active nodes
take_pathTake path in suffix tree
tst-packagetst: Timestamped Suffix Trees (TSTs)
when_contextFind timepoints when the current context were seen in the...
when_continuationFind timepoints that a given continuation was observed in the...
when_continuation_terminalFind timepoints where the terminal symbol was observed after...
when_ngramFind n-gram occurrences
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