Man pages for pmckeigue/wevid
Weight of evidence

auroc.modelCompute the AUC according to the model densities
cumfreqsCumulative frequency distribution
error.integralsEvaluate objective function
fsmoothGaussian kernel for density estimation
klKullback-Leibler divergence of p from q
lambda.modelCompute the expected information for discrimination from the...
means.densitiesMean densities in cases and controls
plotcumfreqsPlot the cumulative frequency distributions in cases and in...
plotrocPlot the crude and model-based ROC curves
plotWdistsPlot the distribution of the weight of evidence in cases and...
prop.belowthresholdProportion of cases and controls below a given threshold
Wdensities.fromrawAdjust the crude densities of weights of evidence in cases...
Wdensities.mixCompute smoothed densities with mixture component
Wdensities.unadjustedCalculate the unadjusted smoothed densities of W in cases and...
weightsofevidenceWeights of evidence in nat log units
wtrue.resultsSummary evaluation of predictive performance
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