Shiny app to chart rugby games

Author: Pete Melgren,

GameTracker is an online app that allows users to chart events in a Rugby Match based on an embedded Youtube video. This app supports advance scouting and recording statistics for a rugby team.

How to use this app

  1. Open the app by going to the Michigan Rugby Analytics Homepage and clicking on GameTracker.

  2. When the tracker opens in your browser, enter the appropriate game information and paste a link to a youtube video (ideally of a rugby game) then click Load Video.

  3. Play the video, select which team intitally possesses the ball and wait for an event to record. (Probably the kickoff if you are charting from the beginning).

  4. When there is an event to record, single click on the image of the pitch where the event occurs. The list of event options will appear. Select the correct one and be sure to change the possession radio buttons if possession changes.

  5. To record a ruck, double-click on the image of the pitch. If possession changes during that ruck, simply change the possession radio button and keep recording.

  6. As you record events you will see the events populate in a table below the video player.

  7. When you are done recording, click Export Data in the top-right corner. Once the data has exported successfully you will see a pop-up message in the bottom- right corner.


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