Man pages for pocdata/pocr
POC Data and Analysis Package

break_setterReturns an appropriate function to pass to the 'breaks'...
comma_vectorTakes a vector and returns a comma-space separated string for...
context_plotCreates dotplot with focus highlighted
county_to_officeTakes a county (string or numeric) and gives the...
county_to_office_vVectorized version of 'county_to_office'.
cr_cleanClean up colnames from Portal, allow option to select columns...
df_to_jsonExport 'data.frame' to 'JSON'
facet_adjustUse in place of 'print.ggplot' with a jagged 'facet_wrap' to... Use 'factor_to_number'.
factor_to_numericFactor to numeric via character
fill_inExpands a data.frame to include all unique combinations of...
finish_dashboard_dataHelper function to finalize the data for the County Dashboard...
get_county_dashboard_dataUpdate the data for the County Dashboard application.
get_fast_factsHelper function to get and clean County Dashboard "fast...
get_portal_app_dataGet current data for Data Portal products with R generated...
get_site_dashboard_dataGet dashboard data.
get_site_dashboard_data_wrapperWrapper for .
get_sparklines_dataHelper function to get and clean County Dashboard...
grapes-btwn-grapesbtwn operator
grapes-coalesce-grapescoalesce operator
grapes-nin-grapesnot in operator
hShorthand for 'head()'
kmlDummy function for kml help
lay_outArranging ggplots
layOutDeprecated. Use 'lay_out'.
ModeLikely to be removed in future versions. Avoid dependencies.
path_prepConverts Windows filepath to R format
pocrPOC Data and Analysis Package
portal_cleanLikely to be removed in future versions. Avoid dependencies.
pretty_dateOutputs a nice date for inline inclusion (wrapper for...
print.sp_resultsPrint method for sp_test.
qf_dictKey to 'quickfacts'
quickfactsquickfacts (from US Census Bureau)
quote-ref_lookup_raceeth_census-quote"ref_lookup_raceeth_census" (from test_annie)
read_sqlFunction for reading in a SQL query.
read.sqlDeprecated. Use 'read_sql'.
ref_lookup_countyref_lookup_county (from test_annie)
ref_lookup_county_regionref_lookup_county_region (from test_annie)
ref_lookup_genderref_lookup_gender(from test_annie)
ref_lookup_officeref_lookup_office (from test_annie)
remove_leading_blank_linesRemoves blank lines from the top of a file
resetwdLikely to be removed in future versions. Avoid dependencies.
rmd_to_mdCreates md config files from Rmd source
safe_folderSafely create a uniquely named folder.
sampSample of an object.
sp_crDeprecated. Use 'stored_procedure'.
sp_namesStored Procedure Names (may be removed - avoid dependencies)
sp_testTests 'stored_procedure' functionality on the local machine.
stored_procedureProduces strings for stored procedure calls
theme_cleanA blank ggplot theme, borrowed from somebody on github
theme_pocPOC theme for ggplot
trend_plotPlots trend charts
update_ofmUpdate the OFM tables in the POC SQL Server database.
validate_configValidates the json in a config file
validate_RODBC_inputValidating requests for an RODBC connection.
write_testA simple test to see if R has write permissions.
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