rename.mcmc_data: Rename mcmcr data

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Rename mcmcr data


## S3 method for class 'mcmc_data'
rename(.data, ...)



An mcmc_data object


One or more unquoted expressions separated by commas. You can treat variable names like they are positions, so you can use expressions like x:y to select ranges of variables.

Positive values select variables; negative values drop variables. If the first expression is negative, select() will automatically start with all variables.

Use named arguments, e.g. new_name = old_name, to rename selected variables.

The arguments in ... are automatically quoted and evaluated in a context where column names represent column positions. They also support unquoting and splicing. See vignette("programming") for an introduction to these concepts.

See select helpers for more details and examples about tidyselect helpers such as starts_with(), everything(), ...


rename(mcmc_data_example, Spp = species)

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