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Kootenay Lake Nutrient Restoration Program Data Loading

basinArmA Basin-Arm table for Sea-bird CTD data
ctdSitesA site table for Sea-bird CTD data
ems_metals_initAn initialized table for EMS metals data
ems_param_lookupA lookup table for for selecting the desired columns from EMS
emsSitesA site table for EMS data
ems_standard_initAn initialized table for EMS standard data
initialize_ctdInitialize ctd table for database
lakesA lakes table for Sea-bird CTD data
nrp_add_ctd_sitesAdd new ctd sites to database site table
nrp_create_dbCreate NRP SQLite Database
nrp_download_ctdDowload CTD data table from database
nrp_download_ctd_basin_armDownload BasinArm table
nrp_download_ctd_visitDownload CTD visit table
nrp_download_emsDowload EMS data table from database
nrp_download_lakesDownload Lake table
nrp_download_sitesDownload CTD site table
nrp_extract_emsExtract and clean EMS data
nrp-packagenrp: Kootenay Lake Nutrient Restoration Program Data Loading
nrp_read_ctdRead CTD Files
nrp_read_ctd_fileRead CTD File
nrp_upload_ctdUpload CTD data to nrp database
nrp_upload_ems_metalsUpload EMS metals data to nrp database
nrp_upload_ems_standardUpload standard EMS data to nrp database
site_date_lookupA lookup table for matching historical file names with Site...
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