Man pages for poissonconsulting/poisspatial
Spatial Functions

is_crsIs CRS
is_longlatIs long/lat
is_longlat_realTest if numeric vector is long/lat
is_padTest if object is vector of length 1 or 4
is_rasterTest if object is raster
is.sfIs sf Class
is.sfcIs sfc Class
ps_activate_sfcActivate sfc column
ps_active_sfc_nameName of active sfc column
ps_batch_transformBatch transform
ps_bbox_ggmapGgmap from bbox
ps_coords_to_sfcConvert point coordinates to sfc column.
ps_create_boundsCreate bounds
ps_dd2ddmDecimal Degrees to Degrees and Decimal Minutes.
ps_dd2dmdsDecimal Degrees to Degrees and Decimal minutes.
ps_ddm2ddDegrees and Decimal Minutes to Decimal Degrees
ps_deactivate_sfcDeactivate active sf column
ps_dm2mdsDecimal Minutes to Minutes and Decimal Seconds.
ps_equal_crsCheck that sfcs have same crs
ps_fwa_gdbsFWA gdbs
ps_fwa_layersFWA layers
ps_fwa_shortcutsFWA shortcuts
ps_get_epsgGet EPSG
ps_get_proj4stringGet EPSG
ps_ggmap_to_rasterConvert ggmap to raster
ps_inactive_sfc_namesName of inactive sfc column(s)
ps_load_spatialLoad spatial files
ps_load_spatial_dbLoad spatial database Any spatial database format readable by...
ps_longlat_to_sfcConvert Longitude and Latitude coordinates to sfc column.
ps_nearestNearest Neighbour
ps_pad_bboxPad bbox
ps_raster_to_dfConvert raster to data.frame
ps_read_fwaRead a FWA layer.
ps_read_tracks_gpxRead GPX
ps_read_tracks_gpxsRead GPX
ps_read_waypoints_gpxRead GPX
ps_read_waypoints_gpxsRead GPX
ps_remove_sfcsRemove sfc columns
ps_rename_active_sfcRename active sfc column
ps_sfc_add_zAdd elevation (Z) to sf points.
ps_sfc_centroid1Find centroid of POINT sfc
ps_sfc_namesName of sfc column(s)
ps_sfc_rectangleCreate sfc rectangle
ps_sfcs_centroidFind centroid of sfcs
ps_sfcs_to_crsReproject sfc columns
ps_sfcs_to_utmReproject sfc columns to UTMs.
ps_sfcs_to_wgs84Reproject sfc columns to WGS84
ps_sfc_to_coordsConvert sfc (geometry) to pair of coordinates column.
ps_sfc_to_longlatConvert sfc column to Longitude and Latitude in WGS84.
ps_sf_ggmapGgmap from sf
ps_sf_ggmap_dfGgmap from sf to data.frame
ps_sfg_rectangleCreate sfg rectangle
ps_sf_rectangleCreate sf rectangle
ps_utm_noteGet UTM zone description.
ps_utm_proj4stringGet UTM proj4string
ps_utm_zoneGet UTM zone
ps_ws_codesWatershed Codes
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