Man pages for poissonconsulting/poissqlite
Work with SQLite Databases

ps_blob_fileBlob File
ps_blob_filesBlob Files
ps_blob_objectBlob Object
ps_connect_sqliteOpens a connection to an sqlite database.
ps_deblob_fileDeblob to File
ps_deblob_filesDeblob to Files
ps_deblob_objectDeblob Object
ps_delete_dataDelete Data
ps_df_infoQuick dataframe info
ps_disconnect_sqliteClose a connection to an sqlite database.
ps_load_tablesLoad Tables
ps_names_dataNames Data Frames
ps_read_tableRead Table
ps_read_tablesRead Tables
ps_strip_columnsStrip Columns
ps_update_metadataUpdate MetaData Table
ps_write_tableWrite Table
ps_write_tables_csvsWrite Tables
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