Man pages for poissonconsulting/shinyutils
Shiny Utils

buttonbuttons with status
css_addAdd custom css
css_bodyBody css
css_hide_errorsHide error css
css_leaflet_fullLeaflet full screen
css_navbarNavbar css
css_sliderSlider css
dev_prepPrepare package to run app during development
fixfix_ui and fix_server
fix_texttext for signalling something should be fixed
help_sizehelp tag and font size
infoInfo text appear when icon clicked
inlineAdd inline css
label_sizelabel tag and font size
mod_aboutmod_about_ui and mod_about_server
mod_demomod_demo_ui and mod_demo_server
poisson_citationPoisson package citation
poisson_footerPoisson footer
poisson_headerPoisson header
p_sizep tag and font size
run_appRun the Shiny Application
select_input_xSelect input with x
slack_botPretty slack bot message
value_boxValue box font size
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