Man pages for poissonconsulting/subfoldr

calling_envCalling Environment
close_dbClose connection to a database
close_pdfClose the open pdf a pdf
data_existsData exists
get_mainGet Main
get_plot_numberGet Plot Number
get_reportGet Report
get_subGet sub
get_table_numberGet Table Number
get_template_numberGet Template Number
incr_plot_numberIncrease Plot Number
incr_table_numberIncrease Table Number
incr_template_numberIncrease Template Number
load_dataLoad Data
load_data_recursiveLoad Data Recursive
load_datasLoad Data
load_objectLoad Object
load_object_recursiveLoad Object Recursive
load_objectsLoad Objects
load_plotLoad table
load_plot_dataLoad table
load_plot_data_recursiveLoad Plot Data
load_plot_datasLoad Plot Data
load_plot_recursiveLoad Plot Recursive
load_plotsLoad Data
load_tableLoad table
load_table_recursiveLoad Data
load_tablesLoad Data
load_templateLoad template
load_template_recursiveLoad Templates
load_templatesLoad Templates
md_plotMarkdown Plot
md_plotsMarkdown Plots
md_tableMarkdown Table
md_tablesMarkdown Tables
md_templateMarkdown Template
md_templatesMarkdown Templates
object_existsObject exists
open_dbOpens an connection to an sqlite database
open_pdfOpen a pdf
open_windowOpen a new graphics window.
plot_existsPlot exists
reset_allReset All
reset_mainReset Main
reset_plot_numberReset Plot Number
reset_reportReset Report
reset_subReset sub
reset_table_numberReset Table Number
reset_template_numberReset Template Number
rm_allRemove All
rm_datasRemove Data
rm_dbsRemove Data
rm_objectsRemove Objects
rm_plotsRemove Plots
rm_tablesRemove tables
rm_templatesRemove templates
save_dataSave Data
save_datasSave data frames in the environ
save_multiplotSave Object with multiple viewports as .png For each plot...
save_objectSave Object
save_plotSave Object as .png
save_tableSave Object as .csv
save_templateSave string as .txt
set_mainSet Main
set_plot_numberSet Plot Number
set_reportSet Report
set_subSet sub
set_table_numberSet Table Number
set_template_numberSet Template Number
subdirs_dataList Data Sub Directories
subdirs_objectsList Object Sub Directories
subdirs_plotsList Plot Sub Directories
subdirs_tablesList Table Sub Directories
subdirs_templatesList Template Sub Directories
table_existsTable exists
template_existsTemplate exists
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