Man pages for poissonconsulting/tulip
Poisson Consulting's Utility Functions

capitalize_first_letter_wordsCapitalize First Letter Words
check_gitCheck Git
combine_date_timeCombine date and time
copy_directoryCopy directory
delete_directoryDelete directory
doyDay of Year
get_extFilename extension utilities
git_branchChange Git Branch
git_branchesGet Git Branches
git_commitCommit Git Changes
git_current_branchGet Git Current Branch
git_mergeMerge Git Branches
git_pullPull Git Changes
git_push_origin_branchPush Origin of Current Git Branch
git_tagTag Current Git
git_tagsGet Git Tags
git_url_http2sshSwitch remote URLs from HTTPS to SSH
is_git_branchTest If Git Branch
is_git_current_branchTest If Current Git Branch
is_git_remoteIs Git Remote Repository
is_git_repositoryIs Git Repository
is_git_tagTest If Git Tag
is.namedTest if named
is.unixTest if unix-based OS
is.windowsTest if windows OS
paste_namesPaste Names
reverse_stringsReverse Strings
tulipPoiscon Consulting's Utility Functions
userGet user
yesnoYes or No
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