Man pages for poldham/oldhammisc
Miscellaneous functions, mainly for tidying and wrangling data

addcolAdd a new column to a data frame and fill with a value.
crossref_authorsCreate data.frame with authors from crossref
crossref_countCount results for query using rcrossref
crossref_renameRename crossref fields
derwent_extractExtract sections of Derwent patent full texts to columns
derwent_formatDerwent Innovation Text file name matcher
detect_duplicatesDetect all duplicates in a column or vector
earliest_priorityIdentify the earliest priority number in derwent innovation...
extract_hyperlinksExtract All Hyperlinks
format_toderwentconvert publication number to derwent
geonames_singleRead in a file downloaded from geonames and regularise the...
geonames_tableExtract geonames export dump file names
gephi_preparePrepare data for network visualization in gephi
get_crossrefget_cross ref dois
get_google_linksRetrieve links from a google search
getrows_listdfGet n rows from a list of data.frames
google_urlCreate a Google Search Url
inparallelRun code in parallel
lens_numbersRemove spaces and extra characters in patent numbers from the...
linksExtract crossref link data into a data.frame
ops_thomson_redraftreformat Thomson Innovation (Derwent Innovation) patent...
orcid_dfExtract data.frames from orcid_doi searches
orcid_processProcess rorcid results into a data frame
orcid_renameRename orcid json fields with underscores
plos_recordsRetrieve count of results for a query with PLOS
process_isi(depracated - use tidyr::separate_rows). Select field in...
readxl_onlineRead an Excel file from a URL
remove_bracketsRemove Text in Brackets
sep_countCount Separators for Separate_Gather
term_to_colSearch a column to identify terms and add column
term_to_col2Search a column to identify terms and add column
tidy_speciesTidy up species names
wos_inventor_matchMatch WOS author names to USPTO inventors
wos_querySearch Web of Science
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