Man pages for poldham/opsrdev
Access Patent Data with the European Patent Office "Open Patent Services" (OPS) API

contentData content
countrycode_dataData countrycode_data
epodocData epodoc
ops_authAuthenticate with Open Patent Services (OPS).
ops_biblioProcess Multiple Lists of OPS Bibliographic Data (formerly...
ops_biblio_renameConvert OPS biblio names in Rows from JSON format to sane...
ops_bibliosData pizza bibliographic data (list)
ops_countCount the number of results from a search query.
ops_countryConvert two letter patent country codes to country names
ops_dictionaryData ops_dictionary
ops_fetch_biblioSearch and retrieve bibliographic patent data from OPS
ops_filterFilter data frame for countries in OPS with Full Text...
ops_fulltextretrieve full text using patent numbers
ops_getObtain a set of urls from ops_publications
ops_iterateiterate - internal (this works for WHAT?)
ops_numbersCreate a data frame of results from JSON numbers Open Patent...
ops_numbers_(internal) Process list from ops_publications to data.frame
ops_postRetrieve bibliographic information using patent numbers
ops_publicationsSearch and retrieve patent numbers
ops_statusCheck OPS Authentication and Throttle Status
ops_urlsGenerate URLs to search OPS biblios
parse_numbers_results_internal Parse return from the numbers service from melt into...
pizzaData pizza
pizza2Data pizza2
pizza3Data pizza3
pizza_bibliosData pizza bibliographic (biblio)
pizza_completeData pizza_complete
pubData pub
pub_numberData pub_number
pubsData pubs
rename_lensRename Patent Lens Columns
three_urlsData three_urls
urls_1990_2000Data urls_1990_2000
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