Man pages for pollyvote/pollyvoter
Aggregate Components, Calculate Forecasts and Determine Errors for Election Results.

add_aggr_source_typeadd an aggregation function to a pollyvote object
add_dataadd data (to a pollyvote object)
add_data.pollyvoteadd data to a pollyvote object
add_election_resultadd election results (to a pollyvote object)
add_election_result.pollyvoteadd an election result to a pollyvote object
add_error_calcadd an error calculation (to a pollyvote object)
add_error_calc.pollyvoteadd data to a pollyvote object
add_predictionadd a prediciton (to a pollyvote object)
add_prediction.pollyvoteadd data to a pollyvote object
add_regionsAdds the region weights to the pollyvote container.
calc_coalitionsCoalitions percentage prediction. Provides prediction of...
check_additional_argschecks additional arguments to add_data function
check_datachecks if data is permissible for a pollyvote object
convert_namesconvert names to lower character and ascii
create_pollyvotecreate a pollyvote data container
election_result"Election result" (BTW 2013)
error_calccalculate the prediction error of a pollyvote prediction.
error_calc.pollyvotecalculate the prediction error of a pollyvote prediction.
fill_nafill missing values in the data of a pollyvote object
get_dataextract data
get_election_date_from_election_yearGet an election date that corresponds to a given...
get_election_resultGet an election result from a pollyvote object
get_perm_colnamesextract colnames
get_perm_countriesextract countries
get_perm_date_earliestextract earliest date
get_perm_date_latestextract latest date
get_perm_electionsextract elections
get_perm_partiesextract party names
get_perm_regionsextract regions
get_perm_region_typesextract region types
get_perm_sourcesextract sources
get_perm_source_typesextract source types
get_region_weightsGet's the region weights from the pollyvote container.
handle_region_methodAdds new column named 'electoral_result' in the input...
initial_error_calc_prediction_electioninitial pollyvote error calculation
initial_prediction_aggr_source_typeinitial aggregated source type prediction
initial_prediction_pollyvoteinitial pollyvote prediction
initial_region_aggregation_pollyvoteFirst calculates predictions on level of each region by using...
initial_region_prediction_pollyvoteCalculates prediction for each party on each day in each...
limit_dayslimit days in a data set
markets_eix"Eix" from source type "markets" (BTW 2013)
markets_prognosys"Prognosys" from source type "markets" (BTW 2013)
markets_wahlfieber_1"Wahlfieber 1" from source type "markets" (BTW 2013)
moving_average_cimoving average
plot.pollyvoteplot a pollyvote object
polls_individual"Individual polls" from source type "polls" (BTW 2013)
polls_tix"PollyTix" from source type "polls" (BTW 2013)
polls_wahlumfrage"Wahlumfrage" from source type "polls" (BTW 2013)
pollyvoterpollyvoter: A package for aggregating polls and calculating...
prediction_time_intGets the prediction time interval based on the chosen...
predict.pollyvotepredict a pollyvote object
print.pollyvoteprint a pollyvote object
set_dataset data
threshold_and_replace_party_with_coalitionApplies the threshold rule and replaces the parties in the...
validate_common_prediction_paramsValidates common input parameters to the prediction...
valid_coalitionsChecks whether coalitions are made of permitted parties....
write.pollyvotewrite a pollyvote prediction / error calculation
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