Causal China Shock

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The current version of this paper will be available here: Potter2016.pdf.

This repository serves as a research compendium for replication and extension efforts for "The China Shock", a paper by Autor, Dorn, and Hanson (2016) that has caused quite a stir among economists. The goal is to develop the same dataset and thereby replicate some of the results in their paper, and also consider the implications of a causal bayesian approach using the package CausalImpact.

This repository also serves as an example of a "reproducible research package" of the type advocated by rOpenScience's rrrpkg. It is built as an installable R package, and if installed will make available the common functions used in the analysis, as well as at least a subset of the available data. The actual data processing and analysis happens in the analysis folder.

To use this package, you can either install the R package only, which will not provide the analysis files:


Alternatively, you can clone the repository and then build the package locally, will will provide both an installed package as well as the analysis scripts and data.


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