Man pages for potterzot/kgRainPredictR
Rain prediction kaggle competition

adjust_targetAdjust the target values to account for various factors.
createSubmissionWrite the submission file.
ff2gzipfilter and convert zipped csv to gzipped csv.
marshall_palmerCalculate mm/hr from dbz with Marshall Palmer equation.
model_errorCalculate Mean Absolute Error (MAE).
model_marshal_palmerEstimate Marshal Palmer Rain Expectations
nearest_neighborNearest neighbor of a value.
plot_histogramPlot histogram and summary values.
ref_interpReflectivity interpolated
sample_testSample the data repeatedly and analyze.
select_groupSelect a group of ids from a large data file.
summarize_over_timeCalculate summary over time of a variable.
time_differenceCalculate the time difference.
zip2ffconvert zipped csv files to FFDF format.
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