Man pages for potterzot/rkclass
K-class regressions (Two-Stage Least Squares, LIML, Fuller)

bread.kclassS3 method for extracting the 'bread' portion of a sandwich...
estfun.kclassS3 method for a kclass estimator function
hatvalues.kclassS3 method to get the hat values for a model.
kclasskclass Instrumental variable estimator.
kclass.fitLow-level kclass instrumental variables function.
model.matrix.kclassS3 method to extract model matrix from kclass objects.
mrozU.S. Women's Labor-Force Participation, 1975
predict.kclassPredict values based on a fitted kclass model
print.kclassS3 print method for class 'kclass'
print.summary.kclassS3 print method for class 'summary.kclass'
qobWeekly earnings, education, and age.
rivregrkclass-package: Perform instrumental variables estimates.
summary.kclassS3 summary method for 'kclass' objects
terms.kclassS3 terms method for class 'kclass'
vcov_bekkerCalculate the Bekker-adjusted variance-covariance matrix.
vcov_cseCalculate corrected standard errors (CSEs)
vcov.kclassS3 vcov method for class 'kclass'
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