Man pages for ppernot/FitOCTlib
Stan-based functions to fit OCT signals

estimateExpPriorDefine/estimate normal multivariate prior pdf for exponential...
estimateNoiseEstimate and model noise in signal
expDecayModelReference OCT decay model.
fitExpGPDecay fit with modulation of mean depth by Gaussian Process
fitMonoExpMonoexponential fit of OCT decay
FitOCTLib-packageThe 'FitOCTLib' package.
nActCtrlPtsCount active control points in fitExpGP output.
plotExpGPPlot outputs from 'fitExpGP'.
plotMonoExpPlot outputs from 'fitMonoExp'.
plotNoisePlot outputs from 'estimaNoise'.
plotPriPostPlot 1 marginal prior and posterior pdf.
plotPriPostAllPlot matrix of marginal prior and posterior pdfs.
printBrPrint Birges's ratio and confidence interval.
selXSubset OCT signal.
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