README for agsemisc

agsemisc is a set of utility functions for the R statistics software. It includes the lattice plot type functions panel.bwstrip and panel.xy, the plotting management function plotf and a number of minor helpers.

How to use

In an R session: install.packages("agsemisc") # once library("agsemisc") # once per R session


1997-10 First beginnings, first with S-Plus, then also with R 0.64

2005-xx Version 1.0-1 released for R 2.1

2006-05-29 Version 1.1-3 released for R 2.3 - FIRST PUBLIC VERSION

2010-11-03 Version 1.2-1 released for R 2.11 - Renamed a.showextremes to a.printextremes - Removed a.rankval (use rank(x, na.last="keep") instead) - Added documentation for statshelpers.R: a.iqr, a.qr, a.findcorrelations, a.printextremes

2014-07-30 Version 1.2-2 to be released for R 3.1 - corrections for compatibility with R 3.1

How to make a new release

For release XX, on a command prompt in agsemisc/.. : R CMD build agsemisc # create tar R CMD check --as-cran agsemisc_XX.tar.gz # perform conformance tests

Submit to CRAN via

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