Man pages for prestevez/estevez
Victimisation Analysis and Reporting

add_starsAdd Significance Stars
batch_chisqBatch Chi-square Tests
chisq_countChi-sq test of a count distribution
chisq_listList of contingency tables
chisq_tbTable of chi-square tests results
chisq_wrapChi-square wrapper
compare_hurdle2othercompare a glmmadmb hurdle to non-hurdle models
cramersvCramer's V
dispersion_batchDispersion index batch function
dispersion_indexIndex of dispersion for count data
fac_relevelAuto releviling function for factors of count data
get_glmmadmbGet parameters from glmmADMB models
hurdle_compareCompare parameters from hurdle models
iqvIndex of Qualitative Variation
joint_icJoint hurdle parameters
ks_test_batchKS-Test batch
mc_gini_testMonte Carlo Gini Index Test
my_ks_testMy Kolmogorov-Smirnov Tests
print_kablesPrint a list of kable tables
update.zeroinflUpdate method for zeroinfl
victim_cumulativeVictimisation distribution cumulative percentages
victim_lorenzLorenz curves for victimisation distributions
victim_tableVicimisation distribution table
x_data_deparserx_data_deparser function
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