Man pages for prio-data/priogrid
PRIOGrid Replication Code

compare_crossectionMap changes
create_pg_indicesCreate matrix with index numbering conventions as for...
getNeighborsGet nth order neighbors in PRIO-GRID. NB! This does not work!
getXYGet column and row number based on PRIO-GRID ID with ncol and...
make_pgMake PRIOGrid from raw data
pgneighborsGet first order neighbors in PRIO-GRID. TODO: does this work...
pgneighbors_nnbGet first order neighbors in PRIO-GRID, vectorized version.
prio_america_eurasiaAmerica / Eurasia raster
prio_blank_gridBlank GRID Returns a blank grid with default PRIOGrid...
prio_polygonize_gridPolygonize grid
prio_raster_layersRaster layers
raster_pointsRaster points
refToRasterOld grid to raster
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