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Differentially Private Statistical Releases for Privacy Preservation

amsweepSweep operator ###Check if we need to assign authorship to...
binaryTreeFunction to evaluate a binary tree
boot.histBootstrap replication for histogram
boot.meanMean function
bootstrap.replicationBootstrap replication for a function
censordataCensoring data
checkepsilonEpsilon Parameter Check
check_histogram_binsCheck histogram bins argument
check_histogram_categoricalUtility function to include NA level for categorical types...
check_histogram_mechanismUtility function to verify the type of histogram mechanism
check_histogram_nHistogram N check
checkrangeRange Parameter Check
check_variable_typeChecking variable types
coefficient.releaseRelease additional model coefficients from DP covariance...
covariance.formatReleaseFunction to convert unique private covariances into symmetric...
covariance.postLinearRegressionFunction to perform linear regression using private release...
covariance.sensitivityFunction to get the sensitivity of the covariance matrix
createfieldsCreate fields that are known based on type
createJSONFunction to create JSON file defining differentially private...
dlapProbability density for Laplace distribution
dpCovariance-classDifferentially private covariance matrix
dpGLM-classDifferentially private generalized linear models
dpHeavyHitters-classDifferentially private heavy hitters
dpHistogram-classDifferentially private histogram
dpLogitDifferentially private objective function for Logistic...
dpMean-classDifferentially private mean
dpNoiseDifferentially Private Noise Generator
dpOLSDifferentially private objective function for linear...
dpPoissonDifferentially private objective function for Poisson...
dpProbitDifferentially private objective function for Probit...
dpTree-classDifferentially private binary tree
dpUnifDifferentially Private Uniform Draw
dpVariance-classDifferentially private variance
estAboveFunction to estimate the nodes of a tree using noisy parent...
estBelowFunction to estimate the nodes of a tree using noisy child...
estBottomUpFunction to estimate a noisy binary tree from the terminal...
estEfficientFunction to efficiently estimate the nodes of a tree using...
estEfficientlyFunction to estimate a noisy binary tree efficiently using...
estTopDownFunction to estimate a noisy binary tree from the top down
fillfieldsFill in any fields available from release
fillMissingFill missing values
fillMissing2dFill missing values column-wise for matrix
fun.covarLower triangle of ovariance matrix
fun.heavyHeavyhitters function
getFuncArgsExtract function arguments
glm.getAccuracyAccuracy of the differentially private GLM
glm.getParametersPrivacy parameters for GLM
glmObjectivesObjective functions
glm.postSummarySummary statistics for differentially private GLM via the...
heavyhitters.getAccuracyHeavyhitters accuracy
heavyhitters.getParametersHeavyhitters epsilon
histogram.composeConstrain the sum of histogram bins to sample size
histogram.formatReleaseFormat the release of private histogram
histogram.getAccuracyHistogram accuracy
histogram.getCIHistogram confidence interval
histogram.getJSONJSON doc for histogram
histogram.getParametersHistogram epsilon
histogram.postHerfindahlHistogram Herfindahl Index
linear.regLinear regression on covariance matrix
makeDummiesFunction to convert factor variables to binary indicators
make_logicalLogical variable check
mapMatrixUnitFunction to map rows of a numeric matrix to the unit ball
mean.getAccuracyMean accuracy
mean.getCIMean confidence interval
mean.getJSONJSON doc for mean
mean.getParametersMean epsilon
mean.postHistogramPostprocessed histogram for logical variables
mean.postMedianPostprocessed median for logical variables
mean.postStandardDeviationPostprocessed standard deviation for logical variables
mechanismBootstrap-classBootstrap mechanism
mechanism-classBase mechanism class
mechanismExponential-classExponential mechanism
mechanismGaussian-classGaussian mechanism
mechanismLaplace-classLaplace mechanism
mechanismObjective-classObjective perturbation mechanism
mpinvMoore Penrose Inverse Function ###Must assign authorship to...
plapLaPlace Cumulative Distribution Function
PSIlence-packageDifferentially Private Statistical Releases for Privacy...
PUMS5extract10000Census California Public Use Micro Sample (PUMS) Dataset
qlapQuantile function for Laplace distribution
release2jsonCreate json file of metadata from list of release objects
rlapRandom draw from Laplace distribution
scaleReleaseScale coefficient estimates
sgnSign function
stErrFunction to evaluate the standard error of a node estimate...
tree.getAccuracyAccuracy for a differentially private binary tree
tree.getParametersEpsilon for a differentially private binary tree
tree.postCDFFunction to derive CDF from efficient terminal node counts
tree.postEfficientFunction to efficiently estimate noisy node counts
tree.postFormatReleaseFunction to truncate negative noisy node counts at zero
tree.postMeanFunction to evaluate the mean using the DP CDF
tree.postMedianFunction to evaluate the median using the DP CDF
tree.postPercentilesQuantile function using the DP CDF
trimVectorFunction to trim lower and upper regions of a vector of...
variance.postStandardDeviationPostprocessed variance standard deviation
vectorNormFunction to evaluate the p-norm of vectors in a matrix
wAboveFunction to evaluate weights from the noise variance and...
wBelowFunction to evaluate weights from the noise variance and...
wEfficientFunction to evaluate weights efficiently using the noise...
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