Man pages for psavoy/StreamLightUtils

AppEEARS_procFilters and gap-fills downloaded MODIS AppEEARS data
AppEEARS_unpackUnpacks downloaded MODIS LAI data
extract_heightGet LiDAR derived tree heights based on Latitude and...
get_tzDetermines timezone from Latitude and Longitude
helloHello, World!
HOBO_standardizedGenerates a standardized set of light from HOBO loggers
LAI_proc_dblGenerate a continuous series of LAI using a Savitzky-Golay...
LAI_proc_splineInterpolates LAI into daily values
light_standardizedGenerates a standardized set of light validation data for...
make_driverMakes light model driver files
NLDAS_DLDownloads NLDAS light data
NLDAS_procProcesses downloaded NLDAS light data
simard_2011LiDAR derived estimates of tree heights from Simard et al....
tz_worldA shapefile of world timezones
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